Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church was founded in 1865 by two missionaries from New Orleans , La.; Charles Thornton and Tom Peterson. The First Pastor was the late Reverend Alfred Willis. The remaining pastors in order were: The Reverend Westly Gross, The Reverend Arthur Jones, The Reverend Sidney Davis, and at present, the Reverend Rodney L. Johnson Sr. .

The Historic Bethlehem Baptist is a Church that is awaiting the appearance of our Lord. We do not employ gimmicks or craftiness to prosper God’s church. We simply preach the gospel and the Lord adds to the church as He wills.

We define the gospel as the death, burial, resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ. The head of our church is the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are ever in St. Charles Parish or the Hahnville area, come and worship the Lord with us. I promise you, that you will be glad you did!  May God Richly Bless you with His Love.